Why use TRUE 31?

TRUE 31 is a young and fast growing company, established in 2007 to launch a host of companies dedicated to providing quality customized products & services at competitive prices & with fast turnarounds. Our two founding members have each worked for Fortune 500 companies in the service industry for 20 plus years and have applied the extensive training and experience gained to help cultivate their goal of starting a small business of their own. Extensive research, investment in state of the art equipment, quality products and hiring staff committed to the same mission and values are all critical components of the TRUE 31 methodology. TRUE 31 is currently the proud owner of four service based companies: TRUE Party Boutique, TRUE Team Web Stores, TRUE Bling It City and TRUE Etiquette Resource .

While each of these companies has its separate focus, as it relates to product and services, they all continue to have the same mission of customizing a solution and/or service to meet your needs with quality, at competitive prices & with fast turnarounds.



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